Tifu Kelison
Welcome, I'm


I'm the CEO and Founder of the Design Archive. I help companies, startup businesses, and small businesses attract and gain more leads by creating digital content such as social media posts etc to attract their potential clients.

i. About Me

Hello Everyone👋🏾, It's Kelison!

Hi, I'm Kelison😃, a Front End-Developer, Graphic Designer and Affiliate Marketer. I'm currently learning VueJS. Although throught out my journey of coding, I have noticed that adding Graphic Design skills to this aspect of Front End Development is really time saving and really lets you explore that creativity.

Talking about personal stuff:

  1. 👪 Part of a community. Hashnode
  2. Currently learning VueJS.
  3. Ask me anything. I would love to answer your questions.
  4. How to reach me. Check on any social media platform.

ii. My Projects

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iii. Contact

You can contact me through Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Instagram.

Or email me at tifukelison@gmail.com